Before proceeding, please take a moment to read my Second Year Portfolio Cover Letter, which can be found HERE.



After a year of university teaching filled with firsts and new experiences, I enter this second year as a professor with a firm foundation yet much space for growth. That growth is reflected in my ongoing effort to reform my practice and find deeper meaning in my teaching.

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I believe that curiosity should be the genesis of research. Experiences during my first year in the college classroom gave rise to the scholarly activity that is now driving much of my inquiry this second year. This is paired with an increased desire to do scholarship that has significance beyond my curriculum vitae.

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There are two facets of service - the willingness to serve must also be accompanied by the opportunity to do so. I have worked to seek out and say "yes" to these opportunities, all of which are detailed herein. In their own way, each has provided me a glimpse into the power of this vocation.



I am proud to teach at this university.  Pride in our mission and vision has led me to consider the ways in which I might best contribute and be a part of the great university work - as a committee member, an ambassador of the Educational Leadership Department and a champion of the university's role in the region.

You may also be interested in referring to my department bylaws, which can be found HERE.